This big girl is Charley and she is 3 years old.

Charley is not for the first time dog owner and is looking for a confident, experianced handler that can re-train & socilaise her around people and other dogs.

Charley is looking for a rural home as she is not used to a built up city especially while she re-adjusts to a new enviroment and new owners. Charley has not been socialised around other dogs and does show aggression towards them when out on her walks, She is a powerful girl and will need a strong owner that can handle her while out on walks and in public. She is looking for a firm, confident handler that will not be easily put off by her challenging behaviour.

Charley has never been around children and at this point she would not be suitable to be homed around any as she can be unpredictable and selective on who she likes. She does seem to prefer men over women but again this is an area that she will needed worked on. Charley will need a few visits to bond with any new potential owners as she can be unpredictable.

Please ensure you can meet all her needs before applying.

**A vet referance is required**

Applications have now clsoed for Charley

Please use the additional information box at the back of the form to let us know what plans you have in place and any support network you have to help with her training.

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About Charley

I got to Mrs Murray's…

About 3 months ago (95 days)









I've been…

Microchipped, Neutered, Vaccinated, Wormed.

I can live with…


I prefer not to live with…

Dogs, Cats, Children.

Ideal home

Garden, Lots of internal space, Countryside.

I am…

Confident, Energetic, Partially Trained (Recall etc.), Fully House (Toilet) Trained.

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