Harley and Hannah

Handsome Harley & Happy Hannah

This fun duo is Harley (Black&White) & Hannah (Grey&Peach Torti) and they are 11 & 10 years old.

These two are a perfect ready made addition to a new family. Harley is super affectionate and loves to get attention and Hannah is very laid back and will love anyone with the treat packet. They are not suitable to rehomed around other cats as they are just used to it being them two. They have lived with a dog previously Harley was not bothered but Hannah wasnt as keen so if there was a dog in the household it would need to be laid back and used to cats. They are not suitable to be rehomed around smaller children but have lived with kids 9years old upwards.

This pair are still really playful for their age and most mornings we come in to their toys everywhere as they have been playing in the evening. They also really love their scratch pole so the bigger one the better.

Harley has just finished his post op checks from haviong a dental done with our vets.

Please ensure you can meet all their needs before applying.

Applications have now opened for Harley and Hannah

Contact the Rehoming Team for an application form on this link

Applications are now open

About Harley and Hannah

We got to Mrs Murray's…

About 1 month ago (34 days)


Harley: X La Perme

Hannah : DSH


Harley: 10-18

Hannah : 10-18


Harley: Male

Hannah : Female

I've been…

Harley: Microchipped, Neutered, Vaccinated, Wormed.

Hannah : Microchipped, Neutered, Vaccinated, Wormed.

I can live with…

Harley: Dogs, Older children / teens, Adults.

Hannah : Dogs, Older children / teens, Adults.

I prefer not to live with…

Harley: Cats.

Hannah : Cats.

Ideal home…

Harley: Garden.

Hannah : Garden.

I am…

Harley: Confident, Friendly, Lazy, Fully House (Toilet) Trained.

Hannah : Confident, Friendly, Lazy, Fully House (Toilet) Trained.

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