Marlee and Jemma

Delightful Duo

This beautiful pair is Marlee & Jemma. Marlee is 8 years old long haired tabby and Jemma is a 2 years old torti.

Marlee is attention seeker and is always the first to come and see you, Jemma is more reserved and waits in the background for you to come to her but when you do she instantly falls in love and wants you to make a fuss of her all day. They are looking for a home to share together as they do love each others company.

Marlee has a grade 3 heart murmur and also thickening of his heart muscle, this will unfortunately lead to heart failure in the future but at the moment he is doing well and does not require any medication. He would love for someone to not be put off by his dodgy ticker as it still has lots of love to give.

If you would like more details on Marlee and Jemma or think that you could offer them their forever home, contact our reception direct on 01224 483624.

About Marlee and Jemma

We got to Mrs Murray's…

About 2 months ago (76 days)


Marlee : DLH

Jemma: DSH


Marlee : 5-9

Jemma: 0-4


Marlee : Male

Jemma: Female

I've been…

Marlee : Microchipped, Neutered, Vaccinated, Wormed.

Jemma: Microchipped, Neutered, Vaccinated, Wormed.

I can live with…

Marlee : Young children, Older children / teens, Families, Adults only.

Jemma: Young children, Older children / teens, Families, Adults only.

I prefer not to live with…

Marlee : Dogs, Cats.

Jemma: Dogs, Cats.

Ideal home…

Marlee : Garden.

Jemma: Garden.

I am…

Marlee : Confident, Energetic, Friendly, Partially House (Toilet) Trained.

Jemma: Friendly, Quiet, Shy, Partially House (Toilet) Trained.

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