Cheeky Millie!

This gorgeous puss is 9yrs old. Millie is a very independent puss, who doesn't always know what she wants. One minute she can be happy getting attention from you, and the next, you will be told in no uncertain terms to leave her in peace. She will need a new owner who will understand and appreciate her quirky personality, and previous experience of a fiesty, independent cat would be an advantage, as she is not for the first time cat owner.

When Millie is looking for affection she is very sweet and loving. She loves to play with toys, especially wand type ones that she can bat at the ribbons and feathers.

Millie is used to getting outdoor access, but likes to be inside at night time, enjoying cuddling up on a cosy bed.

She is not suitable to be homed around children or other pets... this princess wants her own space. Even though she may be the only pet in your household, she will definitely keep you amused with all her antics and quirky personality.

Please ensure you can meet all her needs before applying.

Applications have now closed for Millie

Applications have now closed

About Millie

I got to Mrs Murray's…

About 2 weeks ago (20 days)







I've been…

Microchipped, Neutered, Vaccinated, Wormed.

I can live with…


I prefer not to live with…

Dogs, Cats, Children.

Ideal home


I am…

Confident, Fully House (Toilet) Trained.

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