Penny and Bear

Pretty Penny and Bashful Bear!

Penny is 8yrs old and Bear is 9yrs old. They have very different personalities, but they do say opposites attract!

Penny is very outgoing and is in to everything, while Bear prefers to keep to herself and takes time to get to know you.

They are not suitable to be homed around other cats, dogs or young children.

They need a new home that will appreciate their differences in personalities, and someone who can spend time with Bear to help her come out of her shell, but also have plenty time to play with Penny and keep her entertained!
They are looking for their forever home together.

Penny & Bear are indoor cats

Please ensure you can meet all their needs before applying.

Applications have now opened for Penny and Bear

Contact the Rehoming Team for an application form on this link

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About Penny and Bear

We got to Mrs Murray's…

About 3 weeks ago (25 days)


Penny: DSH

Bear: DSH


Penny: 5-9

Bear: 5-9


Penny: Female

Bear: Female

I've been…

Penny: Microchipped, Neutered, Vaccinated, Wormed.

Bear: Microchipped, Neutered, Vaccinated, Wormed.

I can live with…

Penny: Older children / teens, Adults.

Bear: Older children / teens, Adults.

I prefer not to live with…

Penny: Dogs, Cats, Children.

Bear: Dogs, Cats, Children.

Ideal home…

Penny: Indoors only.

Bear: Indoors only.

I am…

Penny: Confident, Friendly, Fully House (Toilet) Trained.

Bear: Quiet, Shy, Fully House (Toilet) Trained.

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