She is now 6yrs old and has been neutered. Tara is a larger dog and will need a home with access to lots of space for her to run around in and a secure garden as she can jump quite high. She isn't good with other dogs and needs a home with no cats. She is used to older children over 12yrs of age. Tara can also open doors so her new family need to be aware of her talent :)

Tara would love to meet you if you can offer her the home she needs.

Update from Tara's Foster Mum who has been caring for her during lockdown...
Very Loving nature, and loves a belly rub and a cuddle on the sofa.

Excellent house manners, will sit and wait nicely for her food (she gets split feeding - slow feed bowl for 1/3, stuffed kong 1/3, and scatter feed in garden 1/3, this keeps her mind busy and her food last a bit longer so she can enjoy it)

Does not jump up on people even new visitors, she loves every new person that has come to visit, male or female

Gentle mouth when getting any treats or hand fed

Does excellent sit, paws, down, wait, good recall in enclosed spaces such as large field and garden

Walks well on a loose lead when in a familiar environment and no dogs

Very good at reactive class, settles down very quickly and not particularly interested in the dogs, only in the new ones until she has sussed out everything is okay

Once she settles with a dog around her she can walk alongside quite happily , have done this with various dogs in and out of class

Very food motivated which makes for good training, she is also very clever and learns new things quickly, the clicker has been helpful also

Loves lazy mornings, she is not a needy dog, and with a big secure garden she is happy to lie out. She then enjoys a good walk and in our case we also go to field/paddock for a run around and she gets to interact safely with other dogs.

Not at all destructive in the house and can be safely left alone when you go out

And she is officially a beauty queen !
She struggles in the car when she sees dogs as gets stressed and barks, being on my own I can't sit in the back to work on this whilst I'm driving, so somebody who has another person to help will get this sorted as she just needs re-assured that it's safe.

Tara's foster mum has put lot of effort into addressing Tara's issues with other dogs. They regularly attend a reactive dog class and her new family must be commited to keep this up and progress her training.

Applications have opened for Tara

Please contact the 'rehoming team' for an application form

Please ensure you meet all her needs before applying

Contact the rehoming team on the link above to apply

About Tara

I got to Mrs Murray's…

About 2 years ago (1049 days)


Lurcher / Wolfhound Cross.







I've been…

Microchipped, Neutered, Vaccinated, Wormed.

I can live with…

Older children / teens, Families, Adults.

I prefer not to live with…

Dogs, Cats.

Ideal home

Garden, Lots of internal space, Countryside.

I am…

Confident, Friendly, Lazy, Partially Trained (Recall etc.), Fully House (Toilet) Trained.

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