Dakota and Dexter



This is Dakota we re-homed him in June 2017 at the age of 10 months.

As like all huskies Dakota has a mind of his own and will only listen when he feels like it but a very gentle giant and very loyal.

Just no recall so can never be let of the lead unless it's a secure enclosure.

After a few weeks of having Dakota as a family we agreed it would be great if we could rehome another husky for company and play pal for Dakota as he likes to play 24/7

So on the 31st Aug 2017 We welcomed Dexter into our home.



So on the 31st Aug 2017 We welcomed Dexter into our home.

Both Dakota and Dexter have brought us so much fun and a very busy schedule but wouldn't change anything, they like to play fight and try and show one another who is boss but are the best of friends.

Thank you Mrs Murray's.

The Wright family


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