Covid-19 update

In line with the current Scottish Government restrictions regarding COVID-19, the Home remains closed to members of the public till further notice. Our telephone line will remain manned during office hours. 9am-4.30pm Mon-Fri and 9am-1pm Sat.
01224 483624 for enquiries

Boarding Clients/NHS staff If your pet is in our care or due to come in please call ahead to arrange collection/drop off - 01224 483624 We can then guide you through the process to do so. Remember we are offering free boarding places to NHS staff who need help in caring for their pet whilst this is ongoing - call reception for more info - 01224 483624

Rehoming Rehoming is suspended whilst this phase is in operation. Please do not come down to the Home as we are closed. We need to safe guard the health of our staff.

Please be reassured that all the dogs and cats are still being cared for by staff and measures put in place so that their normal routine is not compromised

**We are currently working on new procedures which will allow us to hopefully rehome some dogs. These are still being worked upon. Please bear with us as we get these measures in place.
As things progress in the future, other procedures will come into effect as Scottish Government restrictions ease. These will include changeing to an appointment system to allow for social distancing and cleaning between appointments.**

Pet Food Bank Our pet food bank is currently still in operation
Mrs Murray's is continuing our pet food bank through these difficult times. If you have been affected by the measures in place in your work place or an older/vulnerable person is experiencing difficulties in accessing the shops for food for your pet please do get in touch- 01224 483624

Fostering We have been inundated with offers to foster whilst people are off work due to COVID-19, thank you everyone for thinking of us. At present we are not looking for short term fosterers - we cannot explain to dogs going through fostering that this is only temporary, that these people will only be in their lives for a short time whilst these unprecedented times are ongoing. When they then have to return to kennels (when this is over and you the foster family have to return to work) they can feel like they have been abandoned all over again and it can be a very difficult and unsettling for them. Our staff give them stability and continuity - they have formed close bonds and if needed will take them home for time out.

Should this change we will let you know through social media

* We do have a small number of dogs in established foster homes , who are young and need training and we feel these are better placed to receive this in a home environment*

Mrs Murray's has taken a huge financial hit due to the pandemic, but we continue to support the local community through our petfood bank, whilst ensuring the dogs and cats still in our care get the best care and attention.
If you are able to help support us through this challenging time you can make a donation here Donate
You can also see more ways to donate on this page

Your support is much needed at this time

Please Stay at home, stay safe x