Practical Advice

Ensure your pet is either microchipped or wears a collar with your contact details on it.

Secondly, keep your pet safe by making sure all doors are secure, or if they are in the garden, that this area is secure and the animal cannot easily escape.

If you are taking your dog for a walk, ensure it is on the lead at all times. Even very well behaved animals can run away if they are startled by a car, a loud noise or another animal.

If you have lost your pet, here is some practial advice:

First, don’t panic too soon - stray dogs are often quickly recovered by a member of the public, the Police or a Dog Warden. Cats often go ‘missing’ and then arrive home late, or even the next morning, wondering what all the fuss is about. So, give them a few hours at least before you take action, then print off this page so you can tick off each item as you cover it.

Action Point 1 - First, check all these places: 

Action Point 2 - Make a list of the following details... 

And give those details to:

Action Point 3 - Check your local area

Action Point 4 - Advertise

Make up a leaflet, including a contact telephone number and with a photo if possible. Don’t put a full description of your cat, that way if someone contacts you saying they have found your cat, you can check those extra details with them to know if they are genuine. Get plenty of copies made, and distribute as follows:

Donate to Mrs Murrays

Each year over 1000 animals pass through our doors - most abandoned or unwanted. The Home is a registered charity and is largely dependent on donations, legacies and the support of the public to help fund the cost of looking after the animals and securing their future. Scottish Registered Charity No: SC012708