About Rehoming

Dog Home

Due to Covid-19 rehoming had been suspended and our homing procedures had to be changed. We are now able to rehome again but with a difference.
Our new rehoming process involves certain methods which we found to be beneficial for the dogs and cats and with this in mind please read the new rehoming procedure.
We remain closed to general walk ins
Please check the website rehoming section for those available for adoption.

As dogs and cats become available for adoption you will find this at the bottom of their profile: "Applications now open for ........"

1. Click the red box at the bottom of their bio to open an online application form - remember the more info you can give the better, for the team to process your application

2. If you are a match the rehoming team will contact you

3. Interviews and home checks will initially be carried out by video link

4. An appointment will then be made for a meet and greet

We will review the applications and contact those we select to discuss further.
Thank you for all the interest and please accept our apologies as we are unable to contact everyone personally.

Please ensure you have read the pets profile and can meet all their needs before applying

*Please don't ask for an application for a dog or cat that you may have seen on the website previously - It will have to be discarded due to the number of enquiries we are receiving.

**Please remember that many of the dogs and cats will be very popular and only one new family home can be found for each

*** If there is a dog or cat that is a better match staff will also advise you on this

The Home will remain closed to general public admittance. We are not open for walk in enquiries - please phone reception 01224 483624

Things to consider before adopting
What was your lives like before Covid-19 - how would a pet fit in

  • what are your lives like now - plenty time for a pet? still have time for a pet
  • What effect will the new pet have on your home life?
  • A new pet needs company — do you have time to spend with them and look after them? Especially post Covid-19
  • Financial impact of a pet - food, training, vet fees, pet insurance etc?
  • Who will look after the pet if you go on holiday?
  • What would best suit your home and work/social life
  • Dogs need exercised at least twice a day, everyday come rain or shine, Are you happy to do this?
  • Do you have the time, patience and in some cases experience to settle your new pet in and address any issues they may have.

Adoption Policy
Our policy remains to rehome animals on a first come, first served basis. We never want an animal to stay longer with us than it needs to which is why we rehome our dogs and cats to the first successful applicant that can meet all their needs. Some animals can be very popular which may result in some adopters missing out. Apologies for any disappointment this may cause. Our rehoming team have a better understanding of the animals in their care and any particular needs they may have. Their decision is final.

Adoption Fees

Dogs £250 - £400
Pair of established dogs £POA
Puppies under 12mths £250 - £500
Oldies (10yrs+) £150

Cats £80 - £100
Pedigree types £POA
Pair of established cats £POA
Kittens £130
Oldies (10yrs +) £70

Information pack
5wks free pet insurance with Agria
Wormed and Flea treated
Neutered or neutering voucher for our vet
Vaccination record/info
Free health check within first 7days with our vet
Information sheet from previous owner (where applicable)

Mrs Murray's was founded in 1889, by Mrs Susan Murray, as a place of refuge and shelter for lost and stray dogs and cats in Aberdeen City and Shire. The Home has since expanded to take in animals from their owners, who for a variety of reasons can no longer keep them, and find new homes for them. The home sometimes also caters for a variety of small animals who have been abandoned and need to be placed in loving new homes.

It is the only place of it's kind in the North East and is largely dependent on legacies and public donations to help towards the cost of caring for the animals. Each year around 1000 animals pass through our gates. Most are abandoned and unwanted. The Home is a registered charity and relies on donations and the support of the pubic to help fund the cost of looking after the animals and securing their future.

Mrs Murray's Home for Stray Dogs and Cats is charity registered in Scotland No. SC012708 and registered as a company limited by guarantee in Scotland No: SC227450