Microchipping Your Pet

Getting your pet microchipped is a great way to ensure that if they get lost, they are easily returned to you.

A microchip about the size if a grain of rice is implanted under the skin on the back of the neck. Each chip has a unique code. This code is registered to the you, the owner and if your pet goes missing, and is found, it can be traced back to you through this code.

The microchip holds details of the owner, your address, contact numbers etc, also info on the animal, it's name, age, breed etc. These details are linked to a central database which is available to the Police, Dog Wardens, Vets etc. The database is called PETLOG - www.petlog.org.uk

Local dog wardens carry scanners, as do the Scottish SPCA officers, and when they find a stray animal, they can scan for a chip and get your contact details.

Also, if a member of the public finds a stray animal, most local vets have facilities to scan it for a microchip and access the details which they can check against the central animal database - PETLOG.

All stray animals brought to Mrs Murray's are scanned for a chip on arrival.

How to get your pet Microchipped by a vet

You can have your pet microchipped by your own vet. This can range in price, so contact your vet to get more information on their charges.

Microchipping through Aberdeenshire Council

Aberdeenshire council offer a service where residents in Aberdeenshire can have their dog chipped by their local dog wardens for £15*. Contact your local dog warden for more info - click here for contact details.

Microchipping through Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeen City Council does not offer a microchipping scheme to all. Only Aberdeen City Council tenants can get their dog chipped at the Mrs Murray's. The cost for this is £10*. If you are interested in having your pet microchipped through this scheme, talk to your local housing officer. * Currently not available*

*costs are subject to change. Check in advance for the most up to date cost.