We offer a professional boarding service for dogs, cats, small animals and birds. Each pet has their own private pen, and a dedicated team of trained staff to cater for their every need, no matter how spoiled they are! All costs are per animal and is inclusive of VAT.

Dog boarding

Our custom built boarding kennels provide spacious accommodation for dogs of all sizes. The kennels are centrally heated and have had a ventilation system installed, thus ensuring a constant circulation of fresh air. Generous exercise areas allow even the most boisterous dog ample space with an integrated roofing system ensuring access in all weathers.

Advance booking of all boarding is essential and owners are encouraged to view the kennels in advance. Dogs must be fully vaccinated with an up to date vaccination card provided by owners. Vaccinations for Kennel Cough are advised. A variety of feeds are stocked and most diets can be catered for.

Boarding Charge for Dogs: £22 per night, each additional dog £15.00 per night.

Cat Boarding

Our modern in-door cattery is centrally heated and ventilated. Each walk-in pen has three levels. On the ground floor is a fully enclosed litter tray which ensures privacy for each cat when toileting. Accessed by means of a ramp, the sleeping area houses a bed and cosy blanket and above is a higher platform giving each cat the opportunity to survey its surroundings.

Should an owner have two cats for boarding, pens are of adequate size to allow for sharing. Cats must be fully vaccinated up to date and have a card to confirm this.

Boarding Charge for Cats: £16.50 per night, each additional cat £10.00 per night.

Small Animal Boarding

The small indoor animal unit can cater for a variety of users, including caged birds, rabbits and guinea pigs. Birds and small animals such as hamsters, gerbils, rats etc must have their own cages brought in. A variety of feeds is stocked.

Advance booking is strongly recommended.

Boarding for Small Animals: £3.30 - £5.50 per night.