Max on the wall

Blank Wall

our dull blank wall

Back at the end of March we put out an appeal on social media for a volunteer artist to brighten up our wall in the doggie play area. A bland magnolia wall that was a blank canvas. In return we offered cuppas and choccy biscuits... oh and doggie cuddles
We were inundated with offers and interest in this project.
We opted to go with a graffitti style - fun and bright.
We had one request.... Max our resident dog had to be featured.
Skeps.42 and Hobblegraf our artists said.. No problem!


our finished wall

It didn't take them too long to get started and 2 days later it was finished!!

How amazing does it look....

Max Mural

Our Max in front of his portrait

We were absolutely bowled over by the wall and Max's portrait is amazing!
How good does he look!

We cant thanks @Skeps.42 and @Hobblegraf for donating their time and brightening up our wall.
If you are an instagram user do look them up .. they have more fantastic pics of their work on show there and have transformed many walls in different businesses and in gardens etc.