Rehoming Conditions

  1. In rehoming an animal from Mrs Murray's Home for Stray Dogs and Cats you accept and understand that you will take full responsibility for the animal's welfare, including all future veterinary treatment costs.
  2. You confirm that the animal you wish to rehome is for yourself and not a third party. You must be over the age of 18 years (21yrs for bull and select breeds) and a householder in order to home an animal and can confirm that you comply with this requirement. You will have to show appropriate identification and a photo i.d and where appropriate permission from local authority; landlord etc for keeping a pet(s). You accept that you may also be asked for proof of age if asked.
  3. You understand that the animals held by Mrs Murray's Home for Stray Dogs and Cats are either strays, unwanted or abandoned animals. Because of this Mrs Murray's does not know the veterinary or behavioural history of an animal and cannot give any guarantee of its health or temperament. Where they have been given up by a previous owner we can not guarantee the information given regarding temperament, neutering, behaviour etc. Accordingly you agree to take the animal in its present state.
  4. You agree to have a homecheck undertaken and, if requested later, to allow the animal and its living accommodation to be inspected by a representative of Mrs Murray's at a pre-arranged time.
  5. You undertake to obtain veterinary treatment for the animal both as routine and in the case of illness or injury. It is also your responsibility to pay for any treatment/ costs incurred by another animal as a result of unfriendly contact by the rehomed animal.
  6. You agree to follow the advice given in regards to vaccination of the animal and not to allow the animal to be in contact with any others until fully vaccinated and a qualified veterinary surgeon advises that you can do.
  7. If during the first seven days after leaving Mrs Murray's, the animal becomes ill, you will contact the centre in the first instance and if advised will make an appointment with Mrs Murray's own vet in Aberdeen. You understand that if you consult your own veterinary surgeon the responsibility for the veterinary surgeon fees lies with you.
  8. You will not on any account permit the animal to be used for any experimental or illegal sporting purposes. You are also not allowed to purposely breed from the animal.
  9. If the dog or cat has not already been neutered by Mrs Murray's before leaving the centre, you agree to undertake this procedure as soon as your own vet advises as part of your responsibility in rehoming the animal. You will also notify Mrs Murray's when this has been done.
  10. If you return the animal to Mrs Murray's within the first seven days, the purchase price will be refunded. (No refunds given without the receipt) You understand after this seven day period there is no refund and that you may be required to pay a fee ( at the current rate) to admit the animal for homing.
  11. You must not rehome the animal to another party and should circumstances change and you are unable to keep it, the animal must be returned to Mrs Murray's.
  12. You understand that you are required by law to provide a disk showing contact details on the collar of your dog. Dogs are microchipped prior to homing and your name and address will be registered on a national computer database. In the event you have a change of address, or the death of the animal, you understand that you should contact Petlog or the appropriate Database as indicated in the microchip registration certificate you receive after homing, to update your details.