Stray Animals

The Home looks after stray dogs, cats and other small animals brought in by the police and by local authority dog wardens. Please direct your initial enquiries about a missing pet to them first before contacting the home.

All such animals are checked by staff when they arrive and dogs and cats are commenced on a vaccination course and treated with a flea preventative.

To allow owners time to come forward and claim their pets, all strays are kept for seven days before being considered for rehoming. If your pet has been missing for longer than seven days, please check our Rehoming section.

However if you have lost a pet, please firstly contact your local authority Dog Warden, then Cats Protection first before contacting Mrs Murray's.

Their contact numbers are below:


Main Telephone: 03000 200 292


Main Telephone: 01467 539481

Regional Dog Warden (Aberdeenshire North) Peterhead Tel: 01467 534448

Regional Dog Warden (Aberdeenshire Central) Inverurie Tel: 01467 539481

Regional Dog Warden (Aberdeenshire South) Stonehaven Tel: 01467 530807


Cats Protection have a lost and found section to allow you to check if your cat has been found and handed in to them. Click here to view their Lost and Found section. or call them on: 07811 012 604 (Central Aberdeen)

If you cannot locate your pet through the Aberdeen City or Shire Dog Wardens, or Cats Protection, then you can contact Mrs Murray's directly on: 01224 483624