Max Joins the Mrs Murray's Team

Max Collie

Our boy

Followers of Mrs Murray’s will know our boy Max.
Max has been with us for over 5yrs. He came to us with quite a few issues and didn’t cope with normal domestic life. In that time he has become our boy and loved very much by us all.

Max has been finding things a little sore lately and has been under veterinary supervision for some time. After an x-ray it was discovered that he has Spondylitis in his spine.
Due to this condition he is on various meds from the vet to help keep him comfortable and pain free.

He has also been undergoing acupuncture with Vet Sarah of Abervet and receives regular Reiki treatments from Julie of Animal Reiki


Getting his acupuncture from vet Sarah from Abervet


Looking like a hedgehog :)

Due to his condition and consulting with our Vet and taking their advice, Max will continue to live out his life with us all at Mrs Murray’s where he will get everything he needs and all the ‘bosies’ and love he wants.

Max is now part of the Mrs Murray’s team X


Our Goofy boy