Gorgeous Cassie

Got Cassie from you 5 yrs ago this past July, She is still a bit of a shy girl, she lost one of her sisters in June, and she looked for her for a while but has now settled down again with her other sister Rosie, also a rescue dog. She is a great wee dog, very intelligent and a joy to have, never any bother at all, she fitted in just great, the first night we got her i was so worried in case my other 2 dogs didnt get on with her in the night i didnt sleep at all, ended up going down at 2 am and they were all sound asleep!
Cassie is now 8 yrs young and was very ill this year, when she was spayed, 5 yrs ago, she took a reaction to the stitches internally and unknown to us a growth had formed and attached to her bladder, she then, unconnected to this, had eaten some crab and become ill, on a visit for this the vet found the growth and had to operate to remove it, that was a horrible time for us as she was so poorly. Luckily she is fine now and back to her usual self. She is a real sun lover and loves to lie in the sun , so much so i have o shut the curtains before she gets too hot.We are so glad we found her and wouldnt part with her for the world

Diane and Stewart Duncan

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Me and my sister Rosie