Cleo and little bro Milo



We got Cleo from Mrs Murray’s in January 2013, she was 9 months old when we took her in. Cleo is a very affectionate cat and loves her home comforts, she likes to have a go on everyone’s beds and get her cuddles from everyone in the house. Cleo likes to sun herself from the house as she isn’t keen on the outdoors. She is a fussy eater only the best will do for Cleo if it’s not gourmet gold or Sheba she won’t eat it!!! I’m so glad we chose her as we couldn’t ask for a better cat



We got milo from Mrs Murray’s last month and he is just loving life, he loves cuddles especially with his new found friend our 2year old lab Millie. He loves getting up to mischief and like Cleo above he likes the finer foods in life!!! We are so glad we chose him and we can’t wait to watch him grow

Amanda Jeffries