I like my comfort

This is Coll ( he was known as Colin) he was a long term resident of Mrs. Murray's. We adopted him in October 2015, I had shoulder surgery and was getting bored and depressed at home and not being able to work.

My husband and I agreed that it was the right time to get a dog, we saw him on the website and I went to go look at him. He looked sad and pathetic in the kennel. He didn't come running up barking or growling at me at the first look. We both then went to meet him properly, I liked him from the first meeting. The meeting with both of us went very well and it's been almost 3 years since we brought the little monkey home.

He makes getting up in the mornings worth while as well as he gets us mobile taking him out for his walks.

He brightens our lives with his zaniness, his antics. He is willing to learn any new trick that is taught to him. He loves us unconditionally, loves to be a big cuddle monster, loves his kisses. Coll loves to also have a family cuddle time, but prefers a one to one cuddle.

He is always so happy to see us when we get home from work, his smile makes us smile. He is our world and it's very hard to imagine him not ever being a part of our family. Coll is everything to us.

I'm happy that Coll became part of our family and it is down to Mrs. Murray's cat and dog home.

To the staff there I thank you for letting me adopt Coll.

Michelle Law


Sleepy Coll