This is Duke, He is a Rottweiler and my best friend.


Sorry, this seat's taken.

I secured him from Mrs Murrays in July 2017 and ever since then he has given me the best days of my life.

Me and my partner had bought our first home and thought it was a bit empty so we decided to look into rehoming a dog, we went to just look at “Jason” as he was called then, from the first second of being introduced to him we knew we wanted him in our family.

We have been so lucky with Duke he loves all other dogs & cats and he even has a giant rabbit at his Grandma’s house. He loves every single person he comes into contact with and is my shadow (even if I do trip over him multiple times a day!)


Out for a walk

He has completed our family and he makes coming home from work every day a joy, the welcome I get every day really makes it all worthwhile.

We were really lucky to find Duke and for Duke to pick us and I will be forever grateful to Mrs Murrays for looking after him for the 4 months he was in there before he found his forever home.


Good Boy Duke!