I'm so handsome!

As a 50th birthday present to myself in October 2014, I decided to visit Mrs Murray’s in search of a cat. Our last adorable black cat had died at the ripe old age of 19 some years earlier, and I finally felt ready to bring in a new companion! Despite having every intention of giving a home to an adult or even elderly cat, this eager little ginger kitten face looked up at me and I was smitten. Five month old Wallace was without doubt ‘the one’. He settled in straight away (renamed Muzz) and it gradually became evident he might like a friend, so a tiny grey ball of fluff called Lizzie came to live with us too. They are totally inseparable.
Muzz has the softest nicest temperament. He is completely laid back, loves all food - especially other people’s, and enjoys roaming around in the garden keeping an eye on little Lizzie. I can’t imagine life without Muzz and Lizzie! Thank you Mrs Murray’s!

Helga Mellor

Muzz 2

Me and my bestie Lizzie x