I had lost my old rescue boy Turner and with puppy Fergus missing his mentor, I wanted to give another rescue doggy a chance. I visited Mrs Murrays and fell in love with a beautiful saluki. However as I had a cat, Mrs Murrays sensibly wouldn't let me adopt her. They are sight hounds like greyhounds. Small furry things that move are fair game so round I walked and here was this unassuming boy who was just standing there and my heart went out to him. He was 8 going on for 9 and his name was Scooter. He didnt know how to play and he was not interactive at all, however we went walking and he started coming round. 2 years on he voluntarily came for a cuddle -That was a milestone!
Scooter is now coming up for 17 He is blind and mostly deaf - Not too keen on walks these days but is happy and enjoys his food and treats in between a wander round the garden and long snoozes. He's an unassuming lad and I hope he has enjoyed his life with us - We' ve certainly enjoyed having him in our lives Scooter we salute you!

Would recommend a rescue doggie any day 😆

Sheila Cumming



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