Owner: Alan Grant of Bieldside, Aberdeen

I picked up Skye from Mrs Murray’s Cat and Dog Home on 16th November 2017 as I was looking for a companion after the recent passing of my wife. Skye was 13 months old when I got her. A sleek black Labrador, Skye is fit and full of energy. She has proved to be an excellent companion; a very affectionate and loving dog who enjoys cuddles.

Skye loves her daily walks, the two of us going on 3 or 4 every day. At home, she is always bringing her toys to me, desperate to play with them. She loves having a ball thrown so she can retrieve and return it- as most dogs do.

From day one, she has slept in her bed in the kitchen every night, and fortunately has never barked or cried once during the night. She interacts very well with other dogs as she is very curious and not aggressive in any way. The only time Skye barks is when someone comes to the door at home, which I believe to be a good thing.

All in all, I could not have asked for a better companion to keep me company. Skye is very fun to be with, and has allowed me to keep fit and meet new people. 

She has changed my life in the best way possible, and it is all thanks to Mrs Murray’s.



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