Sox - butter wouldn't melt face

We took this little girl in 2017 she was 8 months old , we fell in love with her wee face straight away ! Was like butter wouldn’t melt and the perfect family dog untill she started to destroy everything , ha ha , sofa has been ate 3 times,all the cushions destroyed , tv unit chewed, lost count on the amount of foot wear she ruined ,and pillows from our beds , dug up the garden every day ,one time dug so much she ended up making a hole through to next doors garden to play with their dog!

When we go for walks she needs 3 balls in her mouth and one to throw so she can chase , or she will happily carry half a tree round the moor, she made herself right at home in our bed and now sleeps there every night. She is coming up for 2 now and the destroying stage has finally stopped , and she is the best family dog - so we think ! Wouldn’t change her for the world ........ well apart from the ruined sofa Part ha ha !

Thanks for letting her be part of our family , Kirsteen, Stuart, Max and Jada xx