I rehomed " Zara" 10 years ago...and renamed her Sphinx. I sadly lost her 2.5 weeks ago. She was roughly 18 months old when we rehomed her ...so roughly 11yrs-12yrs when we lost her.

She was an amazing pet and god, I and my now family....hubby, daughter, cat and 2 rats, adored her. No love lost they all adored each other as strange as it seems. My heart is left empty by Sphinx passing. We have had her cremated and she is now back home.



She was my dog, my pet, my one and only family for a long time.

Mrs Murray's...you took her in as a stray..whoever might have lost her...well...it gave me almost 10 years of pure joy and happiness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Karen Cowie

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